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The other essential elements plants need, often classified as mineral nutrient elements, are found in the soil and absorbed by the plant’s root system. The mineral nutrient elements are grouped into two categories, macronutrients and micronutrients, based on how much of each is needed by the plant.

​​Fertilizers are applied to turfgrass lawns to provide supplemental nutrients that will help 

​​Fertilizer Basics

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For best results of a healthy and strong lawn follow this simple 4 step process for applying fertilizer on your new or existing lawn throughout the year:

1. When to apply fertilizer? 

   a. Early spring after snow melt

   b. Memorial day

   c. Labor day

   d. Fall before the snow falls

(NOTE: It is recommended to apply a bag(s) of fertilizer at each of the above suggested dates)

2. Choose your fertilizer.

   a. 20-10-10-10-4 blend 

   b. 20-9-9-9-4-3 blend with Iron (good for silty soil and strong color)

3. Apply fertilizer using broadcasting cart.

   a. Refer to application settings on your broadcast cart

   b. Apply 5 to 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet

   c. Fifty pound bag covers 5,000 to 10,000 square feet depending on cart setting

4. Water fertilizer into lawn.

   a. Turn water on applied areas after application of fertilizer 

   b. If you have a sprinkler system, run system on applied areas for at least 15 minutes


​One 50 pound bag of fertilizer can be purchased for $25 at our Idaho Sod yard or at Falls Fertilizer. 

For more information regarding fertilizing your lawn check out the Lawn Institute. (click logo below)​​

Fertilizers are organic or inorganic materials that are applied to the soil or the plant to improve its health and provide sufficient mineral nutrient elements.

Plants obtain three of the essential elements they need for growth - carbon, hydrogen and oxygen - from water and the carbon dioxide in the air.

produce a reasonable amount of top growth, but not at the expense of root growth or carbohydrate storage. A good root system is the key factor to a healthy lawn.