Sod Services Info
Size of Small Roll                               2 feet by 5 feet (10 sq. ft.)

Pallet Deposit                            $8.00 per pallet (refundable)
Big Roll Installer Rent               $0.02 per sq. ft. ($100 min)
Sq. Ft. per Pallet Small Roll      600 sq. ft.
Sq. Ft. per Big Roll                     400 sq. ft.

Bags of Seed
Kentucky Bluegrass:                  $5.00 per pound plus tax
10 pound bag                            $50.00 plus tax (covers around 3,000 square feet)
25 pound bag                            $125.00 plus tax (covers around 8,000 square feet)

RTF Seed:                                   (Call to coordinate with licensed seed provider)

Meadow Grass:                          $8.00 per pound plus tax

Bags of Fertilizer
50 pound bag                            $25.00 plus tax (covers approximately 5,000 to 10,000 square feet)

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