• Dwarf Variety of Bluegrass
  • Dark Green Color
  • Vegetative
  • Rizomitis
  • Reduce Clippings 50%-80%
  • Grows Slower Rate
  • Good Density
  • Excellent Fall Color and Spring Greenup
  • Disease and Insect Resistance
  • Drought Tolerance
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2. Choose Your Bags of Seed


We have teamed up with Falls Fertilizer to provide you a custom engineered blend of fertilizers for your lawn care needs targeting the east Idaho area. We offer these blends to the public and sell by the bag. Give us a call today.

We provide the option for you to seed your lawn with our custom seed blends. We sell selected seed by the bag. 

Want to do both sod and seed? We can do that! Contact us to see how we can provide the best of both options. 

  • Premium 5 way Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Meadow Grass
  • Rizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF) - NOTE: Seed is not in stock in yard due to patent and trademark. Call to schedule for purchase of seed.

Sod, Seed and Fertilizer Options Available

In just 3 steps you can have a well rounded service for your lawn needs! See our product listing below!

Native Meadow Grass Sod

  • Netted for Strength
  • Native Blend
  • Good Uniformity
  • Used in restoration of natural grass areas
  • Used in landscape areas where a more natural look is wanted

3. Choose Your Bags of Fertilizer

Premium 5 way Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass 

  • Dark Green Color
  • Good Density
  • Rhizomitis
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Good Mowing Quality
  • Weed Free
  • All Variates We Use Score in the Top 3% on the NTEPTest Trials
  • Great Versatility for all Applications
  • Most Popular and Commonly Used Turf
  • Blended to Ensure Quality Turf for Years of Enjoyment 



  • Self-repairing Turf
  • Strong, deep root system
  • Drought tolerance
  • Grows great in sun or shade
  • Excellent color and density
  • Excellent insect and disease resistance


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