Sod Services Info
Pallet Deposit                            $8.00 per pallet (refundable)
Big Roll Installer Rent               $0.02 per sq. ft. ($100 min)
Sq. Ft. per Pallet Small Roll      600 sq. ft.
Sq. Ft. per Big Roll                     400 sq. ft.

Bags of Seed
Kentucky Bluegrass:                  $5.00 per pound plus tax
10 pound bag                            $50.00 plus tax (covers around 3,000 square feet)
25 pound bag                            $125.00 plus tax (covers around 8,000 square feet)

RTF Seed:                                   (Call to coordinate with licensed seed provider)

Meadow Grass:                          $8.00 per pound plus tax

Bags of Fertilizer
50 pound bag                            $25.00 plus tax (covers approximately 5,000 to 10,000 square feet)

Prices are subject to change

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In just 3 steps you can have a well rounded service for your lawn needs! 

We provide the option for you to seed your lawn with our custom seed blends. We sell selected seed by the bag. Want to do both sod and seed? We can do that! Contact us to see how we can provide the best of both options.

​We have teamed up with Falls Fertilizer to provide you a custom engineered blend of fertilizers for your lawn care needs targeting the east Idaho area. We offer these blends to the public and sell by the bag.

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